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Established in 2000 with continuous archives since 2004, we are one of the oldest forums in Thailand.

We are best known for being a "Teaching in Thailand" forum, though we have attracted all walks of life through the years.

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We are also fairly conservative in terms of being a site that we want teachers to be able to enjoy at work in schools in Thailand and so operate a strict "Safe For Work" images policy.

Please exercise extreme discretion when discussing the Royal Family in Thailand and be respectful to the Lese Majeste laws.

New to Ajarn!

Aug 03, 2015 - 5:21 AM - by faranglife4me
Hello Ajarn,

I've been looking through the forums for some time now and figured I might as well register.

I have a few questions and I am hoping you can help. First, because having some information about me may be useful to you when answering my questions, allow me to introduce myself:

I am an American citizen (31 years old) currently working for an industrial sales company and my territory is Northern Washington spanning to the Canadian border. I have a dual degree from UC Davis in Communications and Psychology. Also, I am aware that I currently make more annually here than I will in Thailand.

My Wife is Thai and all her family lives in Thailand already. She wants to go back to Thailand in order to help her mom run the small family restaurant. I love Thailand and have been there several times. We are actually coming to visit this month. The location we most likely plan on living when we make the move is Pranburi, near Hua Hin.

Now that you know a little about me hopefully you can help answer some questions. I realize these will be repeated questions you've likely heard before but I am having a hard time locating a straight answer; especially for the area I am talking about.

1. I have two degrees from a very reputable school, and I was involved in our Partners in Acquiring Language Program (PAL). How necessary is a TEFL/CELTA cert. in order to get a job teaching English? No, I not have any real teaching experience.
2. Do you know of any teaching jobs in the Hua Hin/Pranburi area?
3. I am likely taking a huge pay cut but I am thinking I will gain a little more in regards to quality of life (I realize "quality of... [Read More]
  98 Replies | 986 Views

Days when you *really* want to quit

Aug 04, 2015 - 3:22 PM - by bansheebeat
bansheebeat's Avatar
I'm not talking about 'off' days, or even 'bad' days. I'm talking about those days that just absolutely ruin you.

Had a meeting today where we talked about more useless, asinine, and trivial bs.

Dealing with awful class of kids.

Tired of sooo many things.

How do you guys deal with these kind of days? I've dreamt all day about just not coming back to work and hopping on a flight outta here.
  52 Replies | 541 Views

Room for rent at Elio Sukhumvit 64 BTS Punnawithi 8500Baht/month. Internet included.

Jul 24, 2015 - 5:11 PM - by nutbp
Studio room at Elio Sukhumvit 64 BTS Punnawithi for rent 8500Baht/month. (incl. common fee and AIS Fibre 15Mb internet)
Deposit 2 months, contract from 1 year but can negotiate for less rental period.

The room is at 5th fl. with fully furnish, refrigerator, 32in.LED TV, Microwave oven, water heating for shower,
AIS Fibre internet 15Mb. and 100+ channels and many apps from AIS Playbox.

For more info. contact: Line ID: jogsorn or tel. 086-554-0530

Pictures here:

  37 Replies | 875 Views

The Chop

Aug 02, 2015 - 6:43 PM - by tomcat
tomcat's Avatar
...7th or possibly 8th floor depending on your location on the circular path...We were delighted to note early on that the Italian red Montepulciano Abruzzo was available at B1250. We sipped that while perusing the menu and finally settled on an appetizer platter (B450) that had barbecued wings, onion rings, battered shrimp and fries. All well prepared, but rather filling. Mains included tomato soup and a salad for our veggie friend: he loved the soup (B180), but the salad (B220) consisted of a quartered head of iceberg lettuce afloat on a creamy blue cheese pond. SD and I each had the same black cod filet sandwich (B350) with fries: delicious. The fish was not a composite frankenmash, but an actual pan-fried filet in a black sesame bun. Tasty crunchiness, but very filling. For dessert, we asked for the apple crisp, which turned out to be a light apple crumble served with vanilla ice cream: nice, but not noteworthy. Total: B3600 for 3 including water.

The urban view from our table was fine and the chattering French families surrounding us were only mildly distracting. The service, however, bordered on drone hovery. No return planned, though we'll visit Helix again next Sunday to try another place we've had our eye on.
  33 Replies | 485 Views

Got my first pair of glasses

Jul 30, 2015 - 10:20 PM - by stfranalum
stfranalum's Avatar
Using them now for the first time. They're nice. And for a face like mine, anything that doesnt make me more ugly is a bonus.

But its a huge adjustment, being comfortable. Things are so sharp and I'm kinda blown away by how much I've compensated over the years

I went to Lens Crafters here, a chain. The doc was trying to get me thinking of my future (since eyes get weaker over time) and wanted me in something stronger, in anticipation of some problem but all I wanted were reading glasses. I see fine at a distance.

But he gave me what he gave me and the prescription was way strong. I took it back and today, picked up the new, adjusted version. Its awesome, and not a pain when I look back up to see something far. A second-long adjustment is all that's needed for that. With the last set, the ones to strong, once I got reading, and then looked up, it messed me up for more than a few seconds.

But the new ones are working a treat. To be honest, I'm scared though. I'm scared of being dependent on them. I'm somewhat regretful about my body's aging, now, something I just cant ignore. And I'm lucky. Not trying to act like I'm sick. But its an adjustment, mentally at least.

They're Brooks Brothers glasses. The sticks bend backwards well, with springs n'at, so I can wear them on my noggin without having... [Read More]
  32 Replies | 574 Views

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Jul 23, 2015 - 10:38 PM - by UrbanMan
UrbanMan's Avatar
This article lists Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan as the cheapest place for an expat to live, and mention is made of the need for English teachers. Looks to be west of China, and north of Afghanistan. Anybody know anything about it?

  30 Replies | 1,020 Views

Bangkok Bank ROCKS!

Aug 01, 2015 - 11:54 PM - by samsara
samsara's Avatar
never had this happen in my whole long life...

went to an atm connected to a bangkok bank (ya know, the ones just outside the bank) at hang dong big c. put the card in, selected how much i wanted to withdraw and the transaction screen came up...i wait...i wait...30 secs pass...it times out and says "temporarily out of service". rad. it spits out my card and nothing else. super rad. so i check my account online to find, as i had predicted, that the money had been deducted from my account. super super rad.

so i go into the bank, end up talking to some call center chick in bkk and explain the issue. because my acct is not with bkk bank matters are greatly complicated...an investigation is launched...i call my other bank...they launch an investigation, too i show them that the money was deducted from my account while logged into online banking and ask why cant we look at the atm log, which will show that the transaction was not processed? the records are only sent to bkk. awesome. well, why cant we call the folks who have access to those? thats not how the process works.

wife did some searching and apparently this happens all the time. simply a matter of how busy the servers are at the time you push the button. if theyre overloaded, which was very possible yesterday since it was a long weekend and... [Read More]
  29 Replies | 540 Views

Hello and many thanks

Jul 30, 2015 - 2:15 AM - by rob onthe run
Hi, everyone.

I'd like to give a big thank you to all those who have been regular contributors here on Ajarn over the last 6 years, your posts, particularly those which talk about the increasing difficulties of teaching without a degree, have helped to drive me on to finish my degree with the open university, at the age of 43.

So, I am from the UK, where I am currently, and I now have a bachelors degree. By working my nuts off in this shit-hole of a country and wreck of an economy, and by doing my degree part time, I have been able to save enough money to make a break for it and have around 6 months to explore Thailand before looking for work if that's what I decide I want to do.

Just for the record, this has nothing to do with Thai women.

I have never been to Thailand before, nor anywhere else in Asia for that matter. I don't see myself as coming to Thailand to embark on a TEFL career, more I am rewarding myself for finishing my degree and seeing if what I have become intrigued by might actually suit me. If I think it does, then there's nothing here in the UK for me. I will keep my flat here until I have decided, though.

I am hoping to leave the UK in early January.

The last 6 years that it has taken to get my degree have seemed like a lot longer. But during that time, I feel I have been fortunate to be able to learn from those who have gone before and who post their knowledge on here for newbies like myself to gain an insight into what may lay ahead. I am sure I will have plenty of specific questions closer to the time I leave but for now, thank you all. ... [Read More]
  27 Replies | 665 Views

Newbie intro and first question!

Jul 30, 2015 - 12:24 AM - by Nikkinewbie
Hi Ajarners!

The Survival Guide told me to introduce myself on here before jumping right in on any posts etc so I thought I would say a hello and hope everyone is having a great day today!

Hi I'm Nikki, a 25yr old from Hampshire and I've recently quit the ratrace in London. I have very nearly finished my TEFL course (last assignment to be written tonight!!) I'm all booked in for some fun in China and Thailand for 2 months before I'm out of money and need to get a job mid October. I gather this is a good time because of the second semester starting then and have had a few interviews over Skype.


Should I try to secure a job in the UK (including signing contracts and getting Non Imm B visa); ORRRRR is it better to "risk it" and wait until I am in Thailand to look around the schools?

My concerns would be that if I get it all sorted whilst in the UK, the school and or accommodation may turn out to be quite isolated or not particularly well run etc. BUT if I wait until Thailand I'm only free from the 15th October so I would worry that most of the best jobs will have gone by then?

Please help Ajarners - what would you do??


  26 Replies | 561 Views

Documents / Bang Na etc.

Jul 28, 2015 - 5:10 PM - by Ouagadougou
Hi, I'm new here and have a few preliminary questions related to first time teaching in Thailand. Here’s a brief intro….

I’m from an English speaking country and have an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences and completed a few short post degree programs that were evaluated (to qualify for visa) to be equivalent to a Masters in Business. I don’t have any teaching qualifications but have taught in Korea for 3 years and had a managerial role in a developing university for a short time. My plan was to start some sort of small/medium sized business in Thailand but now considering putting that off for at least a year. I’m currently in Thailand and not too interested in working off of tourist visas.

Questions related to documents:

1. I have sealed transcripts and original diploma. Recently read that for a teachers license waiver I may need a sealed university certificate confirming my degree and years in study. True?

2. I have a clean criminal record but don’t have a CRC on... [Read More]
  20 Replies | 421 Views


Jul 23, 2015 - 12:38 PM - by krusomkit
so many posts about bad experiences teaching in Thailand. I have been a teacher 30 years, and 12 years in Thailand. I love it here. But there things you need to know.
Number 1. High schools are not the best jobs, get your degree and teach at uni. better pay, better hours, better everything
Number 2. This is Thailand. Remember that. Rules here are. 1. look good, 2 do as little as possible, 3. make as much money as possible, 4. maybe, maybe, if it is really easy, do something good for your students.
Number 3. You are a flower bouquet. You are not here to teach, you are here to make the senior faculty look good. relax. have fun with it and don't worry that they do not want anyone to actually learn English.

If you can do all that, your time in Thailand will be wonderful. I am 63. I have 3 girlfriends, 24, 27 and 40. I live like a king on 40,000 baht a month and teach 2 days tops. Just learn the system and Thailand is the bomb. ...oh, and maybe, learn to speak Thai and get out of BKK, small towns are great...

my humble opinion,
  20 Replies | 947 Views

Best area of Thailand to live and work in?

Aug 02, 2015 - 6:59 PM - by Nikkinewbie
Hey all

I'm looking to hear everyone's thoughts on the best area of Thailand to live in - it's a broad topic and I do expect a few controversial answers but please do bear in mine I'm relying on the internet and advice from here to help guide me in schools selection etc. (!)

I guess I'm looking for it all - a bit of nightlife; a lot of culture (temples, ruins, lots of things to see and do - a 'pretty place' really!); not too overrun by monkeys (I've cut Lopburi out of the search); not too isolated/difficult to get to. Prepared to compromise of course and I hope it's not too much I'm asking for, but guidance would really be appreciated!

Thanks all,

  19 Replies | 345 Views

Adventure on the Low Seas!

Jul 27, 2015 - 9:21 PM - by tomcat
tomcat's Avatar
...pay attention to the pet food you buy: is your animal supporting human slavery?

  18 Replies | 321 Views

Teaching Poetry to Young Learners

Jul 27, 2015 - 9:33 AM - by outbound
outbound's Avatar
Need to pick the collective brains of AF on this one. Anyone taught poetry to P1-2? It's the topic of my next unit. The reading is quite nice as it follows a phonetic pattern and introduces rhyming. Now, the comprehension is a little abstract. For example, on a poem about a boy who is leaving his grandmother's house after a holiday it asks "where are the good times kept?'. The answer, at least according to the teacher's manual is the heart. Any idea on the best method to teach answering abstract questions for young learners? They are also supposed to be able to write a short poem. My plan is to practice with scafolded writing activities that back off a bit with each worksheet until the children understand the pattern enough to write independently.

  18 Replies | 391 Views

Hello people of Ajarn!

Jul 28, 2015 - 10:37 PM - by Paul de Lafontaine
Hey guys! Very glad I found this community! Was wondering if I could get a few pointers.

I'm 24 year old male from England.
I want to move to Bangkok very soon. I've calculated I'll probably need about 30,000B to live on a month. I also need to be able to save atleast about 11,000-12,000B a month. This means I need to earn atleast very minimum of 40,000ish a month for Thailand to be a viable option for me.

I'm really looking for a kingergarten position too.

Below are some key points:

I hold a 3 year degree in Film and Media from an English universitym

I hold a 120 hour LoveTEFL course

I have 10 months teaching English abroad experience from a Chinese kindergaten, with a strong reccomendation letter

I do NOT have a criminal background check (although I don't have any criminal offenses at all)

So guys, what are my chances, any advice?
  15 Replies | 328 Views

Healthcare cover advice and water query.

Aug 01, 2015 - 6:54 PM - by Walkaways5813
Hello all,

I know there's Ajarn health cover area of the website but this doesn't really help in my circumstances. I'm going to be studying and hopefully teaching on the side and just found out my annual travel insurance doesn't cover me for longer than 31 days outside of my country of residence. Could someone point me to some recommended private healthcare cover that covers out-patient conditions and tests etc as I've ongoing kidney issues that I need to keep in check.

Also - and rather randomly - I typically drink bottled water in Thailand but would prefer not to and get a filter or something - any suggestions?

Thank you!!!!
  14 Replies | 282 Views

I will try to make this as admin friendly as possible

Jul 23, 2015 - 12:15 PM - by krusomkit
First, a positive experience. I highly recommend the University of Phayao for any teachers who would like to live in a small beautiful city in North Thailand. I have taught at many schools and this is absolutely the best so far. Best money, best hours, everything. Highly recommended. Is that ok to say admins? hope so
just do not make the mistake I did and recommend that every teacher should speak English. duh, stupid me. Otherwise the best job in North Thailand hands down.

Second. There is a job posting on Ajarn.com for a private school in Phayao which I will not name. Just a heads up, there are no jobs, they have no money. nice folks, but no jobs, don't waste your time.

That's it. hope this helps someone and gets past the censors....
  14 Replies | 576 Views

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