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Established in 2000 with continuous archives since 2004, we are one of the oldest forums in Thailand.

We are best known for being a "Teaching in Thailand" forum, though we have attracted all walks of life through the years.

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Thai libel laws are very strict. Please do not create legal problems for yourself by treating this site as a name and shame service. This includes naming school's, teachers, agencies, course providers, law firms, and any other Thailand based business. Please note that Thailand law can perceive ANY negative opinion publically stated as libel. This can then be taken both to criminal and civil prosecution with very little warning given. Both the site owner and the poster can be subject to such action.

We are also fairly conservative in terms of being a site that we want teachers to be able to enjoy at work in schools in Thailand and so operate a strict "Safe For Work" images policy.

Please exercise extreme discretion when discussing the Royal Family in Thailand and be respectful to the Lese Majeste laws.

I am looking to interview a ESL teacher

Aug 06, 2014 - 9:25 PM - by 5anuk
5anuk's Avatar
As the title suggests, if anyone would like to answer a few questions for my site, send me a PM. (E- interview)

  93 Replies | 2,653 Views

Skinny or junk in the trunk?

Aug 12, 2014 - 5:21 PM - by ictteacher
ictteacher's Avatar
What say you?
  76 Replies | 1,840 Views

Un Thai ing my tongue

Aug 07, 2014 - 9:38 AM - by Cal Roy
A male vice principal came to my office the other and asked me how I would describe one of the very pretty teachers in the room. "Would you call her sexy?" he asked as she listened. I then told him that if I were to say such a thing in an American company I would be fired for sexual harassment and probably darned to heck for the rest of my life. Then a thought occurred to me. How has two and a half years here changed me? Could I make it in normal work back home? What have you experienced going home? Is it possible to go home again?
  66 Replies | 2,932 Views

If you had to go back........

Aug 09, 2014 - 2:30 AM - by traveler2
traveler2's Avatar
Hi all,

It's been awhile since I posted and thought, what the hell!

I hope everyone in the world of Ajarn.com is doing well!

I'm still teaching at-risk kids out in SF. I been there over
5 years now - the longest I've been employed!...lol

Although I enjoy working with the kids and they are planning
on making me lead instructor, I feel like I'm getting burnt out
and it's time to move on soon.

When I was out in LOS I really enjoyed being out there and am
always thinking of going back as some of you know . I understand
LOS is not in the best shape now.
I'm thinking right now, LOS may not be the best option. So my question

If you were in your home country and wanted to return to SE Asia, where
would you go? Money is not an issue, but it would be nice to save some
money while I'm abroad.

Cheers Ajarn World!!
  60 Replies | 2,858 Views

Cheap Herbs

Aug 16, 2014 - 10:27 AM - by buddahas
buddahas's Avatar
I found this site on competing forum as they ship to Thailand. I have a lot of problems finding pure Vitamin D here, so if anyone is interested....

iHerb.com - Vitamins, Supplements & Natural Health Products

I just placed the order. Will see if it arrives (problems with the customs comes to mind).
  60 Replies | 1,360 Views

Police fire tear gas into St. Louis suburb

Aug 13, 2014 - 8:57 AM - by russellsimpson
russellsimpson's Avatar
Lots of coverage this side of the pond.

I'd hate like hell to be an urban cop in the States..................

Police fire tear gas into St. Louis suburb as riots over Michael Brown’s death turn violent




FERGUSON, Mo. — Police in riot gear fired tear gas into a crowd of protesters in a St. Louis suburb where an unarmed black teenager had been fatally shot by police over the weekend, as tension rose even amid calls for collective calm.

Between two nights of unrest, a community forum hosted by the local NAACP chapter Monday night drew hundreds to a sweltering church in Ferguson, the St. Louis County suburb of 21,000 that’s nearly 70 per cent black and the place where 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot multiple times after being confronted by an officer.

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said a large crowd that gathered throughout the day Monday at the site of a burned-out convenience store turned rowdy at nightfall, throwing rocks at police. Officers used tear gas and shot “beanbag rounds” meant to stun them, he said.
St. Louis County police spokesman Brian Schellman said there were at least five arrests and no reports of looting. Nearly three dozen people had been arrested following a candlelight vigil Sunday night when crowds burned stores, vandalized vehicles, assaulted reporters and taunted
... [Read More]
  47 Replies | 1,899 Views

Adding just a touch of grammar to conversation

Aug 18, 2014 - 9:50 PM - by Cal Roy
I have lost count of the number of students who can't put a sentence together who ask me to teach them conversation. "I don't want any grammar, teacher." Then I made the discovery a few weeks ago that no matter what I ask them, they mostly answer in the present tense. So I started to teach them the patterns of speech for the various tenses. Did you, do you, are you, were you, and so on. I gave them examples and then wrote some fill-in-the- blank sentences for them to complete. Out of my 14 M5 and 6 classes, none of them could fill in the blanks without help. I made some worksheets for them and now they can refer to them when I have them write and speak.

Now I find that one of the reasons I keep losing my M6 students for tutoring is because they are spending all Saturday morning with one of our Thai English teachers reviewing their grammar for entrance exams. Yet I can't get them to fill in the blank for What ____ ____ do this weekend? (did you, btw) I don't see how you can speak intelligible English without knowing some grammar, but putting it to use is far more productive than just memorizing rules.

Assuming you are teaching English conversation, how do you incorporate grammar in your lessons?

My school has 4400 students and six foreign English teachers. A friend of mine at a big Catholic school has about the same number of students and 200 foreign teachers. I go for the free lunches.
  38 Replies | 702 Views

Trust Your Local Doctors

Aug 16, 2014 - 8:56 AM - by Joko
Joko's Avatar
One of the most sublime forms of pleasure is the cessation of pain. I'm not talking about people who derive pleasure from pain itself. No, what I mean is the incredible feeling one gets when a chronic ongoing physical problem or annoyance subsides. For example, we've all felt that 'ahhh' feeling after taking a big and long-coming dump. Right now, I feel so good, and there's nothing fecal about it. Terrible pain For the last ten days or so, I've been in excrutiating pain, first from bursitis in my knee and later from a bulging disk in my back aggravated by the funny way I had to walk with a bum knee. Tonight, thanks to my local Southeast Asian health care professionals, my horrific debilitating anguish has been numbed to a dull ache. Feels damn good, and how I got this way is an edifying anecdote. Please read the rest at our sister site, Ajarn.com--> Trust your local doctors! | Joko Mackenna | Ajarn.com | Teaching English in Thailand
  38 Replies | 1,270 Views

Po3try Found Dead

Aug 14, 2014 - 10:33 PM - by UrbanMan
UrbanMan's Avatar

Originally Posted by po3try View Post
when i die will you guys go around and 'like' all my posts?

BKK, 14 August 2014 - ESL teacher Po3try was confirmed dead earlier today. His lifeless body was found in an alleyway not far from the Hua Lamphong Station. His trousers were conspicuously missing. Rigor mortis had set in. An empty fifth of Sam Song was found clutched in his right hand.

Reaction from the close-knit Ajarn Forum community was swift and varied.

KhunKruMark: You’ve posted this in the wrong bloody forum. Moderator! The boy was just another tosser, nothing more. Not in any way original or interesting. The way he lived his life, absolute horse shit.

Anna Key: Bloody hipster, he was. Frequently spewing bollocks. His pic, didn’t look like he was old enough to have pubes. Probably not much of a banana, either. Still, part of me fancied a go. Blimey I’m pissed. Bloody shame it never occurred. Kidding that. I haven’t had any since 2005. Did I tell you about the fish and chips I had in whilst in Accrington? 2003 it was. Dodgy place, and ligging I was. Just splendid. Washed it all down with a couple of pints of Ice Maiden, from the Preston brewery. I can’t be arsed to go on. Edit: Anyone got any pineapple?

... [Read More]
  36 Replies | 1,729 Views

Death by Stupid

Aug 11, 2014 - 9:56 PM - by Smiley
So for any of you bike riders out there here's a puzzle for ya...

the bike is an 05 Suzuki Hayabusa...the fastest production motorcycle on the planet capable of reaching a top speed in excess of 300kmh...the company that is selling the bike has been selling bikes in Thailand for years and probably sells hundreds of bikes a year...the unfortunate person who buys this bike and rides it to 2/3 of it's ability is going to wind up dead...

by looking at this picture...can you figure out why?

  33 Replies | 839 Views

Post your last purchase.

Aug 12, 2014 - 9:54 AM - by ictteacher
ictteacher's Avatar
I'll start. Bought this yesterday.


  32 Replies | 927 Views

size does matter, at least in China

Aug 10, 2014 - 2:44 PM - by 1stworldview
Fantasy Brides, an international marriage agency that bringsAmerican men to China for marriage has a very interesting new marketingcampaign in China. The company says the response has been overwhelming,offering Chinese women the opportunity to meet not only American andforeign men, but also promises that these men are four to eightcentimeters longer on average when compared to the average Chineseman.

James Coldwell, the marketing director of Fantasy Brides says, "Theidea came after we were filming women telling us why they wanted to meetAmerican and European men. Over fifty percent of the women stated thatAmerican men had a reputation for being much larger than Chinese men andhad a greater sex drive. With a recent report showing Chinese women tohave the highest sex drive of any industrialized county, it only madesense matching American men and Chinese women together. Because theChinese women are much more petit than American women the average guy canfeel like Ron Jeremy - a porn star." Not only will the men get tomeet women that can appreciate their size, but also can meet women whoare open to marring men ten to twenty years their senior. In most Asiancultures, women considering marriage with older men is quite normal.Older men are more experienced, stable, and have more wisdom, whereasyounger Asian men are less mature and not ready to start a family. When we first decided to run the ad we never dreamed of the responses wewould get. We hoped the ad would increase sign ups by ten to twentypercent, but we saw more than a 350 percent increase. Out of all the adswe ran this one had the best response. And because the women must sign upin our offices we had to greatly increase our staff. "
... [Read More]
  32 Replies | 1,491 Views

Sir Cliff Richard insists I am not a paedophile

Aug 15, 2014 - 1:50 PM - by kiwiling
kiwiling's Avatar
Sir Cliff Richard insists: I am not a paedophile - Telegraph

He is probably right, banging a mature looking under 16 year old mixed up kid probably would not classify as paedophile behaviour, Jimmy Page, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis did it with young girls and who cared? However it is illegal, if they can prove it.
  30 Replies | 976 Views

The Kurdish forces facing the Islamic State need help from the United States

Aug 09, 2014 - 1:21 AM - by russellsimpson
russellsimpson's Avatar

A NEW humanitarian and security crisis has erupted in northern Iraq, where the al-Qaeda-derived Islamic State borders territories controlled by Iraqi and Syrian Kurds. Since last weekend, tens of thousands of civilians have been trapped on a mountainside near the Iraqi town of Sinjar, which was captured by Islamic State fighters. The refugees, including an estimated 25,000 children, lack supplies of food and water and could perish in a matter of days unless a relief corridor is opened, according to the United Nations. Meanwhile, the extremist forces are threatening to capture Iraq’s two largest dams and are pressing toward Irbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Both the potential human cost and the threat to U.S. interests are vastly greater than in the Gaza Strip, which has consumed the attention of Secretary of State John F. Kerry and senior White House officials in recent weeks. An Iraqi minority group concentrated in the contested area, the Yazidis, is facing nothing less than genocide at the
... [Read More]
  30 Replies | 1,928 Views

Thai Course

Aug 10, 2014 - 9:54 AM - by Ithea
Hello everyone

I am looking for a school / course to study Thai.
I'm studying English and Childhood Education through an online course that goes through my home country Sweden.

My goal is to be able to work with children in Thailand as an English teacher or similar kind of work. Thats why i want to learn to speak thai.

My question is if there is anyone who has knowledge on approved schools/courses in Bangkok?
The school or Course have to be approved by Thai Ministry of Education.
I've looked a bit on mythailanguage.com ... If anyone knows anything about this school or some other school / Course I appreciate all the info I can get.

Thank you
  29 Replies | 1,176 Views

Newbie intro

Aug 10, 2014 - 5:52 PM - by mrjames
Hi guys, thought I should introduce myself and ask a question while I'm at it. My names Jim I'm from England and have been living in Isaan for 1 year. I'm new to teaching and 10 weeks into my 1st job, teaching p2-p6 at my local school. I don't have a degree just a 4 week TEFL course certificate which up to now hasn't been of much use. I discovered early that p2 and p3 cant read and have no phonics awareness. My TEFL didn't cover anything about teaching phonics so i'm bit unsure of the best way forward. I have each class 1 hour per week and I've been introducing 2 new letter sounds per lesson which the kids seem to be doing ok with. Should try to move things along a bit faster? Any advice would be great as i'm eager to get the kids reading asap.
  26 Replies | 810 Views

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