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Thread: Kids and swine flu

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    Kids and swine flu

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience or know of anyone that has with children contracting swine flu. From what I understand, swine flu sounds a bit more aggressive but no less threatening than the normal flu virus. Most of the swine flu related deaths are from those already sick or the elderly -- at least that's what I've heard. I am not so worried about myself, but I have a 1 year old son who I am worried about. I am curious to know what are some symptoms to look for and what precautions should I take to avoid? If he should contract swine flu how should I react? I almost fear going to the Thai govt. hospital in my city more than the illness itself.

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    Re: Kids and swine flu

    Swine Flu Q&A: What Parents Need to Know

    Looks a little vague though. edit. and out of date. So pretty useless really!

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    Icon7 Re: Kids and swine flu

    It's very difficult with babies to know what is swine flu and what is a kiddy cold or a colic.

    All kinds of flu and infections give a high temperature. It is thought that swine flu gives more chest problems than normal flu--like bad chest/bronchitis.

    Adults can describe normal flu and swine flu symptoms, altho there is little difference. They get aches and pains in the legs and feel lousy; they tell you that they want to go to bed. they describe being flu-ey---heavy feeling, maybe pain behind the eyes. But many kids get colds, gripes, pains and stuff--and it's impossible for a baby to describe the difference between a cold and swine flu.

    Swine flu has been a 'sensation', but it will affect only a few more people out of 7 billion than regular winter flu.

    Obviously, there are tests which can be done. But, if your kid is sick, feverish, chesty and it doesnt seem like a normal baby cold then u need to see a Dr, especially a paediatrician, if poss. Just to rule it out. If your child is playing happily and has no fever, he won't have flu. He will be very sick, tired, hot, miserable and maybe chesty if he does have flu.

    Another feature of this swine flu is that it affects more teenagers/ 20 somethings than normal flu.


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