was just reading Irishntg's post re: his 1 year old... thought I would ask opinions for our "dilemma" as well...

my husband and I both think it's time our son was allowed to socialise with other children his own age - please don't think we're smothering him, it's just that he hasn't really had very much of a chance to be around other kids until we moved to BKK (I was the same - I went back to full-time work not long after he was born, but my husband was SAHD - we both agreed there was no way in hell that someone else was going to look after our child)

here's what we're discussing - we want to put him somewhere for just one or 2 days a week to start with until he gets used to being around people his own age... but we don't know whether to put him in the nursery class at the N-13 school where I teach, or to put him somewhere else... convenience would say take him with me... but I don't know whether I want him at an English speaking school, or whether I want him to make the most of the language opportunity and go where he'll be exposed to more Thai