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Thread: cert of entitlement uk

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    cert of entitlement uk

    hi,does anyone know about the ukcert of entitlement.
    from the uk,not married to thai but have a boy 5 months,has thai birth/passport
    can anyone advise me on what docs are needed to get the sticker?

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    Re: cert of entitlement uk

    Quote Originally Posted by bobcat
    hi,does anyone know about the ukcert of entitlement.
    from the uk,not married to thai but have a boy 5 months,has thai birth/passport
    can anyone advise me on what docs are needed to get the sticker?

    The British embassy's BKK website will tell you how.

    Though I believe that the embassy will tell you to register your *son* as a citizen of the UK, as if I remember correctly, Certificate of entitlement to the right of abode, will only be issued if he's older than 18-years.

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    Re: cert of entitlement uk

    I'm sorting it out at the moment for my little girl.

    All the info is on the website. We weren't married when she was born, they advised that getting married before trying to register my daughter was the way to go.

    After that one needs to complete a domicile questionnaire and sign paternity declarations at the embassy. Then you can apply for a UK birth certificate and passport, you will need all the marriage and paternity docs as well as the Thai birth certificate (all translated) and you can apply for birth certificate and UK passport to boot.

    I believe that as your baby was born in the last year then it may be even easier for you (maybe marriage is not essential in your case).

    I don't know anything about the document you asked about in the OP. I have estimated that altogether (not including marriage) it costs about 16k Baht (plus whatever you pay for translations).

    For clarification, all this info is available on the website and they were even quite helpful when I visited the embassy (I had to go for a passport renewal and asked them while I was there!)

    Quote Originally Posted by UK Embassy Website
    Prior 1 July 2006 British fathers are unable to transmit their nationality to illegitimate children automatically (see below). If the parents marry after the child’s birth, it is possible that the child’s birth will be “legitimated” by its parents’ marriage. In order for us to establish whether or not legitimation has taken place, we require both parents to sign paternity declarations in person at the Embassy (the fee for which is Baht 5,250) and the father to complete a “domicile questionnaire”. Please ask for the paternity declaration forms and the domicile questionnaire.
    Birth registration is not compulsory, but we recommend it. The advantages are that

    1. A British style birth certificate is available as proof of identity and proof of nationality.
    2. A record of the birth will afterwards be held at the General Register Office in the
    United Kingdom. In the future, copies can be obtained from the General Register Office.

    The fee for registration plus one certified copy of the entry is Baht 7,913. Additional copies of the entry can be obtained at a cost of Baht 3,075 per certificate.

    Before processing an application to register a child’s birth, we need to see evidence of the child’s nationality status. Original documents are required (all documents will be returned to you when the application has been processed, parents passports will be returned on the day of application). We require certified translations (ie official translations from a licensed translator) of any document(s) not in English. We need to see:

    Photocopies are not accepted in any circumstances.

    * Child’s official birth certificate, issued by the Thai District Office. We will follow the names as they appear on the local document.
    * Documentary evidence of father and/or mother’s nationality status: UK full version birth certificate*, naturalisation or registration certificate
    * Parents’ marriage certificate
    Effective on 1 July 2006, it is no longer a requirement for the parents of the child to be legally married
    * Evidence that any previous marriages of the parents have been dissolved ie divorce or death certificate as appropriate
    * Both parents’ passports
    * Child’s Thai passport (if applicable)
    * Registration of birth application form to be completed.
    Excuse me for not taking this seriously .....

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