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Thread: Health Insurance for Children

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    Health Insurance for Children

    Anyone have any good tips on obtaining health insurance in Thailand for a youngster? Our daughter is 13 months old. She was recently ill and almost had to stay in the hospital... a stay which would have set us back about 7,000 per night. It got me worried about what could happen.


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    Re: Health Insurance for Children

    I got a good life/health insurance for my kid through Bangkok Life.....saved me a small fortune....and you also get 1K for every day they're in! Not the greatest coverage (up to 20K or so per visit) but I only pay 12K or so a year. I know there are better, but just to give you some idea (so far I've probably paid in around 40K or so and got back well in the 100K mark plus I get all the premiums back as it's life insurance).

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    Re: Health Insurance for Children

    I have insurances for the kids through Ayudayah CMG and AIA. They are good investments as well as they pay lump sums back at about 7% interest after 12 or 14 years. Its the insurance you never hope to use, and whether you do or not, you get something back. Costs about 120K per year for the first 6 years...

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