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Thread: The Thai way of Discipline..Korean Style

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    Re: The Thai way of Discipline..Korean Style

    As a parent if this was done to my child I'd be down to that school and ripping out said 'teachers' organs with a spoon.
    Faith, by itself, isn't a good enough reason to believe. Instead, a belief must be defensible through reason, logic, and evidence.
    The idea that faith is somehow justified by the fact that the beliefs cannot be proven is a truly Orwellian position to adopt - not to mention intellectually and ethically dangerous.

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    Re: The Thai way of Discipline..Korean Style

    If you need to hit kids to make them behave, you're in the wrong job. I saw a teacher hitting a kid in my school and I wrote a policy to stop it. It now doesn't happen in our school. I don't blame many kids for bad behaviour here when the style of teaching is often so boring. However there must be a better way of disciplining, starting with a bit more praise but really just by making lessons a bit more active and a hell of a lot more interesting.

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    Re: The Thai way of Discipline..Korean Style

    A start : Smaller classroom size

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