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Thread: Science Materials--Audio Visual for Young Learners

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    Science Materials--Audio Visual for Young Learners

    Urgently in need of enriching and engrossing young learner audio-visual science scaffolding materials.

    An above average, bubbly group of five to eight-year-old, ESL, science subject learning kids are needing the following topics introduced to them by way of AV,

    1. Animal classification-- by movements, parts, sounds, and types

    2. Classification of materials-- by comparisons and grouping, i.e metals, ceramics, and polymers

    3. Plants--classification by parts, flowers, fruits and seeds, movements and responses

    Also, any science orientated songs and chants are needed and will be greatly appreciated.

    Upload your cd files, vcd files, dvd files, or files and folders of any other format to
    this free uploading/downloading site's url,

    4shared - free file sharing and storage - share folder - My 4shared

    and then follow these two easy steps to upload,

    1. Scroll down to upload

    2. Click browse, then upload the files, or folders from your computer

    Lastly, I'll download the files and burn them to disk

    Any other links to downloadable materials will also be eagerly accepted.

    n.b. We need this material yesterday (practical jokes will be tolerated).

    Eeek, can a mod correct my typo in the heading, please?
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    Re: Science Materials--Audio Visual for Young Learners

    Open Court - First Grade
    Animals, Animals
    by Mathew Needleman
    Animals, animals all around.
    In their habitat they can be found.
    They each need certain foods
    To live and grow
    And they live where they can get that food
    They always know.
    Some live in water,
    Some live on land.
    And the hermit crab finds his own home
    No one gives him a hand.
    This chant teaches the vocabulary “habitat” and the colloquialism “give him a hand”.
    It also teaches the science standard that animals inhabit different kinds of environments and meet their needs in different ways and coincides with the story “The Hermit Crab.”

    by Mathew Needleman Yes, I said skunks!
    They really stink.
    They’re black and white
    Their hair is furry
    But I’m in a hurry
    To get away from skunks.
    They’re really stink.

    Hermit crabs!
    That’s right now, hermit crabs!
    They are so red
    And they have claws
    But don’t have jaws
    No, they’re not sharks
    I said they’re hermit crabs.
    Watch out for lions
    They’re kind of orange
    Or orange-brown
    When they’re not happy
    They wear a frown.
    They have a mane
    Around their head
    They often growl
    That’s what I said.
    This chant models describing animals for students.
    Open Court - First Grade
    Search Thinkfinity
    California Learning Resource Network (CLRN)

    Good luck.
    ALso this link:Reading Is Fundamental | Leading to Reading
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