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Thread: Frets on Fire - Guitar Hero

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    Frets on Fire - Guitar Hero

    So you want to waste some time...

    Frets On Fire

    Download this program and play guitar to your favorite tunes.

    With this program you can play songs from Guitar Hero too.

    What is Frets On Fire

    If you have ever played Guitar Hero then you will understand Frets On Fire. The Guitar Hero series has been one of the best selling games the past few years. Basically the game consists of trying to play a pattern of notes for various popular songs by following the note patterns on the screen. It sounds simple, but it can be really difficult and very addicting.
    Frets On Fire is an open source [COLOR=#999999 ! important][COLOR=#999999 ! important]software [COLOR=#999999 ! important]program[/color][/color][/color] written by some guys in Finland. It is free and has the ability to do any song. So if you are looking to try it out, then it is a great opportunity to see what it is all about. If you are looking to play songs that are not in the real Guitar Hero series, then Frets On Fire might just have them.
    Check out the Frets On Fire Homepage or watch a demo video of Frets On Fire.
    What Is Great About Frets On Fire


    You cannot beat the price. If you don't like it, then who cares? Guitar Hero itself costs anywhere from $50 for just the software to $100 for the guitar and software. It is available for all the major consoles and Guitar Hero 3 is the only PC version available.
    Huge Selection Of Music

    All the Guitar Hero series of songs are available on bittorrent sites to use in the game. This means that you can now play Guitar Hero 1 and 2 on the PC, which isn't even possible using the commercial games.
    You download the original Guitar Hero 1, 2, and 3 songs if you look around the internet. In particular, check the torrent sites like and search for Frets On Fire Guitar Hero. They will be in the list somewhere. As of January 18th, 2008 this Frets on Fire Guitar Hero torrent was at the top of the list that contained the songs from all 3 versions. If you do not understand how bittorrent works, then check out the Bittorrent Beginner Guide.
    There is a tool to create your own songs in the game and there are thousands available on bittorrent and many have even been packaged into download sets for the game. Now you can play your favorite songs and if they aren't available and you feel like it, you can create them as well.
    Looks Great

    The graphics are nice and crisp and the scrolling fretboard looks just like Guitar Hero.
    There Are Mods To Make It Better

    There are quite a few mods you can download to give it added functionality or changes the looks. I would say at a minimum you should download and install RF-Mod. It adds multiplayer and a variety of other features.
    Runs on Many Platforms

    Runs on Linux or Windows, which means you will be able to play regardless of the OS.
    Guitars Work With It

    Playing Frets On Fire just isn't the same using the keyboard. Having a guitar is the only way to go. Unfortunately, you have to own the official Guitar Hero guitar. The Playstation, Xbox 360, and PC guitars will all work, but you need to already own them or pay CA $60 to buy one. The Playstation guitar requires the Playstation to USB converter to work (it is only around $10 on eBay).
    I have been using an XBox guitar and it works totally fine. You can read my article on using the XBox 360 guitar for Frets On Fire.
    There is even a community of people that have built there own guitars. It only needs 5 buttons to control the frets and one button for strumming. Frets on Fire lets you map any keys to be used for the different functions so people have used controller and [COLOR=#999999 ! important][COLOR=#999999 ! important]USB [COLOR=#999999 ! important]cable[/color][/color][/color] from USB Keyboards and just connected the wires from children's toy guitars or built their own using switches.
    Top Scores

    There is a whole community of players and the [COLOR=#999999 ! important][COLOR=#999999 ! important]software [COLOR=#999999 ! important]supports[/color][/color][/color] automatically uploading your high scores so you can compete against others.

    Frets On Fire - Free Version Of Guitar Hero

    Been playing this game for hours. SO FUN!
    The tutorial is funny too.
    There's heaps of songs to download too.
    Be a rock star !!
    Frets On Fire Wiki
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    Re: Frets on Fire - Guitar Hero

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