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Thread: WANTED: Thailand based vBulletin Forum specialist

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    WANTED: Thailand based vBulletin Forum specialist


    I am everything but technical. I replaced my old SM Forum with a brand new vBulletin. After 6 weeks of struggling I am throwing in the towel. Somewhere there is a problem, what it is, I do not know. Users get automatically logged in as moderators and new members can't post replies to threads etc. a long list of problems.

    This is paid work. 500 Baht an hour and there is no maximum of hours.

    You must know vBulletin inside out. In other words you must know what you're doing. Please don't waste my time. I don't want the "may be it's this" or "may be it's that" you really need to have had experience running a vBulletin board. Preference will be given to people who have/own an active vBulletin forum.

    You must be Bangkok based.

    Reply via pm only. And leave your phone number and email address.

    Remember: I am not looking for more advice on "how to solve" the many technical issues I have with the forum. I am looking for someone who wants to make a bit of extra money by doing paid work for me and who can fine-tune this new forum that I have just installed as part of an existing website.

    Location: near BTS Ekamai.

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    Re: WANTED: Thailand based vBulletin Forum specialist

    Quote Originally Posted by cola View Post
    Reply via pm only.
    Thread closed. Good luck Cola, someone should be along to help you out.
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