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Thread: Taoist and martial arts books

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    Taoist and martial arts books

    1. You might like this book if your interests are Taoism and martial arts.

    [ame=""]Wandering Taoist[/ame]

    2. The next one is an autobiography of a TEFL teacher who went to China in the 1980s and learned kung fu. It has some interesting observations about martials arts and taoism by his sifu that might surprise the followers of grandmaster Manak Chia or other "career taoists".

    [ame=""]Iron & Silk[/ame]

    3.The last one has nothing to do with taoism, but is an excellent and often humourous story of a Western TEFL teacher in Japan who decided to spend a year training with the Tokyo Riot Police in advanced aikido. It is a wonderful story of fortitude and perseverance in the face of adversity.

    [ame=]Angry White Pyjamas[/ame]
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