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Thread: I-864 form Country of Domicile question

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    I-864 form Country of Domicile question

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience or tips to share regarding the I-864 form question #15 Country of Domicile.

    I have lived in Thailand for almost 4 years now working as an English teacher. My brothers and I share a home in Kansas which we inherited and is legally held under a trust account with a local bank under our names. Ownership of the home will be transferred to our names soon. I consider this to be my 'principal residence' though USCIS may see things differently.

    Would any or a combination of the following be sufficient evidence to meet the domicile requirement:

    1) I can submit statements in my name from the trust account showing co-ownership of the home and investments from the account in my name (I am not sure that this would qualify as 'proof of having property or investment accounts' since it is the bank which handles taxes on the home and investments in our names)

    2) I can submit 'proof of maintaining bank' as I do have a checking account in my hometown which I use for trust account payments, monthly child support and other bills

    3) Not sure what exactly would qualify as 'proof of having a permanent mailing address in the US' -- I do have bank statements and trust quarterly statements that are mailed to the home in Kansas.

    4) I can submit evidence that 'a foreign government has authorized a temporary stay' in the form of my work permit and annual contract with a Thai government school -- though this does show that I can stay for a year, it can be renewed annually

    5) I do have other forms of evidence that prove that my stay here is temporary such as auto insurance and registration which I have renewed annually, exit and entry records on my passport (I usually return home once or twice a year for 2 weeks to one month) and I am currently enrolled halftime in online courses at a local community college.

    Also, do I have to submit evidence for the last 4 years that show that I have maintained residency in the US???? Do I have to submit evidence prior to this as well????

    Anyone that can share their experience or knowledge in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: I-864 form Country of Domicile question

    You have more than enough. A voter registration card ia also a good one. Make copies and include all of it. Bureaucrats love paper. If you are in Thailand and teaching, it is really no problem. The embassy staffer who will do the interview sees your situation all of the time. The most important thing is the financial section and you can even skate on that. Remember that if you are married for aat least 2 years, you can do a direct consular filing which is faster and easier on you and your spouse when you get to the States. You won't have the hassle of ongoing paperwork with immigration and green card interviews.
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