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Thread: Drawing of a Child

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    Drawing of a Child

    There are some art schools in Bangkok. Some of them even teach in English. But none of them teach us, parents, understand what actually our children want to tell us through their drawings.
    Workshop "A Drawing of a Child" was specially designed to help us, parents (and teachers too!) with that.

    Drawing of a child: a message to adults from the children’s world.
    a workshop for parents and specialists, who want to read drawings of children like an open book
    and who are not afraid to know the truth
    - Oh! What did you draw? A horse? Now! It doesn’t look like this!
    - And what’s this? A Snow Maiden? Wonderful! Masterpiece!
    (Two kinds of usual reaction of adults on children’ drawings)

    Let a child draw and they will show you the whole world around them and themselves in this world. They will be eager to tell everything they know and see. Within a few minutes, they will complete a very important and complex work. And then they will look at you. Now it’s your turn – what will you do?

    Drawing of a child: a message to adults from the children’s world.
    A workshop about what a child wants to express through their drawings
    and how to interpret this important message correctly.
    Leader: Dr. Ph (Ps) Eugenia Shilova, a psychologist, psychotherapist, certified professional.
    The workshop is organized by the Russian educational and cultural center “Living Word House”, Thailand.

    During the workshop, you will:
    Learn special features of natural development of children’s art abilities as well as functions of children’s artwork;
    Get answers to such questions as: why drawings of the children who lived in different times and places are so remarkably similar? Or why in early childhood we all, without exceptions, like to draw and actually CAN draw? Or why the meaning of children’s drawings is evident for children but incomprehensible for adults?
    Learn to understand what a child draws at each stage of development and see reflection of their intellectual, mental and physical development in their drawings;
    Free yourself from prejudice and common stereotypes when looking at children’s drawings;
    Learn to prevent any possible mistakes during your interaction with children in the process of drawing;
    Get a clue how to simply LOVE and BE ABLE to draw together with a child.

    The workshop is designed for everyone who works with children: school and kindergarten teachers, fine art teachers and of course parents.
    The workshop is lead in Russian with interpretation into English.
    Note: Dear participants of the workshop! Please feel free to bring along drawings of your children or students to obtain a consultation by a psychologist.

    Date:16 January
    Time: 11:00 am
    Duration: 5 hours.
    Venue: Bel-Aire Princess hotel, Sukhumvit road soi 5, nearest BTS Nana

    Registration is required. Please book your seat by phone number 0857953200 or via e-mail: and we will send you an application form, venue details and invoice.
    Participation fee: THB 3600.
    All participants of the workshop will receive a certificate.
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    Re: Drawing of a Child

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    Re: Drawing of a Child

    Quote Originally Posted by Enkeli View Post
    bring along drawings of your children or students to obtain a consultation by a psychologist.

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    Re: Drawing of a Child

    for 3600 baht!

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