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Thread: Enlarged Prostrate Long Term Treatment Benefits

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    Enlarged Prostrate Long Term Treatment Benefits

    I have an enlarged prostrate and currently using Proscar and Doxazosin and hoping to prolong surgery. Would like to get some feedback about the long term use and benefits of medicine versus the benefits of surgery. Is it possible to avoid surgery with long term use of medicine treatment and has anyone have experience? Heard of men having surgery and later on having to have it done again. In my case my prostrate is large and have been told it may take 2 times in surgery.

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    Re: Enlarged Prostrate Long Term Treatment Benefits

    How old are you? And yes, I've had some experience with this.
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    Re: Enlarged Prostrate Long Term Treatment Benefits

    Hi Steve. TBH, I don't think you would get the numbers of people replying here. I've heard from men who have had this that sometimes surgery is too much of a risk and medication is the way to go. Do you have any symptoms that are bothersome? I do know that radiation treatment is effective for prostate cancer but I'm not sure about an enlarged prostate. Another question - where are you? If you're in BKK you have a good selection of hospitals.

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    Re: Enlarged Prostrate Long Term Treatment Benefits

    I'd be inclined to put it off as long as possible.

    There are a whole plethora of new medications entering the markeplace to address this specific issue..

    It could be that in a short time something will come along to solve this problem non-surgically.

    Good luck.
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