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Thread: visa without work permit

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    visa without work permit

    My teaching position begins in June. However, my employer is just now getting things in order for my visa. So it looks like when I get to Thailand I won't actually have a work permit, just a non-immigrant B visa. Is this legal? Even if it is, can I get paid for the time that I work prior to having a work permit?

    I just saw this on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:
    "An alien who receives a Non-Immigrant visa can work in Thailand once he or she is being granted a work permit. An alien in violation of the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (1979) concerning taking up employment without work permit or the Royal Decree B.E. 2522 (1979) concerning holding employment in certain restricted occupations and professions shall be prosecuted and imprisoned or fined, or shall face both penalties."

    Is there an exception for teaching positions? Any advice/help would be welcome.

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    You'll, strictly speaking be illegal, I think you are even if they're submitting!!!

    But you'll probably be okay and should be okay to get paid!!!

    To be honest they should be able to get it all done, or pretty much all of it before June!!! They need to lift their game a bit!!!

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