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Thread: Reducing File size to 49k

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    Reducing File size to 49k

    I have a picture in my scannerthat I want to use as an Avatar. I Scan it to Photoplus and reduce it to a tiny size, but I cant the forum to accept it?

    filesize must be 49k it tells me.

    What can I do now please some one brilliant!

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    There are two things to can do to bring file size down.

    Firstly image size. These are the physical dimensions of the picture. 400x300 pixels should be small enough to take it below 50k.

    The second thing to can do is to alter the image quality, that is the detail or amount of colours in the picture.

    tweaking both of these can get you tiny but acceptable quality images for the web....often 15k or less with only a small reduction in quality from a 100k pic
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    When I was loading the picture of my son on another thread I had to keep downsizing the picture (JPEG).

    I got it down to appromimately 99.6 or so k, as the image host specified that I must keep it under 100k.

    I clicked on the pick from my desktop, and then incrementally downsized it, using the 'Image'...'Resize' tabs.

    I just made sure to keep the dimensions proper (i.e. 200x100, down to 100x50, etc)

    I constantly checked the size of the file by right clicking on my mouse and clicking on 'Properties'. It will tell you the size of your file there, (among other info)...

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