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Thread: Kids learning Thai abroad

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    Very handy if one wishes to learn something logical and also as a basis for romance languages.
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    But totally useless for speaking to, like, people....

    and since when do languages have to be logical? Computer languages are logical....

    and learning Spanish would also give a child as much access to Romance languages as Latin with the upside that they could interact with people around them (of course for a bigot like you, yoou might not see it this way)....

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    obviously on the other end of the conundrum myself
    my daughter is two and half also and is equally comfortable in english and thai, maid and inlaws and school obviously reinforce thai,a nd ger school despite thai planning and communication standards are doing a great job
    wife and i english
    intuitively she knows to speak english to white folk and thai to asians (mun excepted), so korean friends throw her a bit

    i know no answer to the question but a few ideas
    involve as much in the thai community as possible, even if they are ahem, the wrong sort, i'm sure their kids are the same as kids everywhere and have your wife police it
    if your wife has dedicated time with her keep it thai
    there are online peter and jane style thai kids books a quick search will find
    as she reads more get her used to thye computer, the world has changed since we learned languages
    if feasible skype may be an option, any tech savvy rellies in Los?
    invest in some Thai TV/satellites
    stock up on Thai versions of disney cartoons etc.; i know TV, but it works and you can break the habit later
    youtube etc.
    none perfect but all possible.

    i swear postman pat, barney and in the night garden have worked wonders, as my tyke is making good progress with mandarin also

    smugly proud dad
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    cheers scally
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