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Thread: A sponsored bike ride

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    A sponsored bike ride

    Hello there

    I've got a bit of spare time around christmas and was pondering what to do. I've been cycling regularly, about 50Km 3 times a week for the last 8 months and am thinking of doing a sponsored bike ride down to Hua Hin. Has anyone done anything like this before. Any tips or suggestions are welcome.

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    Not sure what you mean by a "sponsored ride". Usually there is an angle, such as record fast time, or huge distance, bangkok to Hua Hin isn't really spectacular as far as getting sponsored. It would be a good ride, possibly I am misunderstanding what you mean. Is it a one day trip or a few days?
    Last year I rode from Luan Prabang to Surin, back up to Nongkhai(different route), then Loie and finally Udon. This year I rode from Khon kaen to Lop Buri, ayutthaya, Korat, and then zig zagged all over southern Isaan. I love cycling here.
    If you go to you can find tons of useful info. If you do a search for Hua hin at that site you will find journals with detailed info about the route. If your bored you can type my name in the search window "marcus byizy" and see my journals.

    Cycling in thailand is great. I have encountered way less road rage and stupid drivers here than in Canada. My biggest tip would be get a wide mouth water bottle, then you can just top up with ice in every town.
    If your in Bangkok try getting ahold of the Thai cycling association, they are a great bunch and do a lot of good group rides.
    Good luck with your trip and I hope you post the details and some pics when your done. If you have any questions about gear or anything feel free to PM me.

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    I was one of the sponsors of this cyber gawd, for a worthy cause, didn't get freed though

    Take a plenty of water, get a good bike seat that's going to be easy on your arse and find a good cause. Oh and a cameraman to document the event.

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