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Thread: New Kids on the Block

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    New Kids on the Block

    I know of several old hands who recently became new daddies. Anyone care to share the shock and awe? Mad tales of spousal post partum depression? Mad rushed to the hospital? Mad doctors? If it's your first, you now know that life will never be the same. Care to share?
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    my wife and i had our first in Aug. the pregnancy went very well but the birth was very scary, emergency cesarean and my wife was in intensive care for a few days. my daughter is nearly three months old now and is very hard work! she had colic quite bad for the first six weeks and acid reflux too. she isnt very bothered about sleeping and has days where she'll go 12-15 hours with hardly any sleep. shes very alert and very inquisitive.

    all ill say is there is your life before the baby and after; the former is now just a memory!
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