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Thread: Funny Job Ad For Peru

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    Funny Job Ad For Peru

    I came across this ad and thought I'd share it.

    The Northern Peruvian Talara Wild Hunt or Questions and Dreamings of Post Election Greatness

    Posted By: L&B Language School <>
    Date: Sunday, 3 April 2011, at 5:18 p.m.

    I had a dream! I had a dream of a mono-cultural scrubland being tilled by tiny Janus figures. I had a dream of the finest minds of my generation selling insurance and writing tech manuals. I had a dream of consumption (in both senses) as god and convenience as religion. I had a dream of cultural-linguistic scouting parties pushing out the grazing lands by inches.

    I had a dream of you basking in the admiration and love of students, filling your pockets with monopoly money, luxuriating in a concrete temple of gringodom, and beating back the tides of ignorance with Canute-like verve and élan.

    Did you dream this dream with me?

    A man once said to me that meaning and greatness are deep human yearnings that are currently unfashionable. Thus, ever desirous to thumb my nose at fashion, I choose to find meaning in a dusty oil town filled with characters that would make Deadwood look tame. Like Dublin on June 16th 1904, Talara is the navel of the world and the nexus of all destinies. I wash bottles for the great and the soon to be great, while I watch the mediocre pass on by headed for the life that they have always expected.

    Questions: How many directions do you look in everyday? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? When someone tells a tale of daring-do at your local pub do you follow with (a) “I want to have your baby.” (b) “Let me buy you a pint.” or (c) “Really? When I was in Peru they built a ten foot stone statue of me and adorned it with flowers while nubile and impassioned locals massaged my body with honey and yogurt…but please continue your fascinating story about saving Mrs. Melkin’s cat.”
    Answers: More than six…It depends on if it’s salsa or merengue…If it’s (a) get therapy (b) run for office (c) you’ve probably worked for me before.

    The offer:

    • Better living conditions and pay than a Franciscan novice.
    • A chance to settle it all with a good old fashioned pedagogical dust up.
    • An opportunity to learn that no matter what they say, Chocó Soda and butter are a winning combination.

    I await queries and quarries (with a profound nod to Steve Jeck), hoping to avoid quarrels.

    As ever,

    Brandon Reece
    Chief Bottle Washer
    L&B Language School
    Talara, Perú
    Forever heading home

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    Blessed is he who never wastes his coca.

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    I remember this ad was around 3-5 years ago, pretty much 'word for word'. There was a thread here on it.

    Guess he recruits quite regularly.

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    Think I'll send this guy a copy of my CV.

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    Reminds me of Supertramps

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