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Thread: Where can a 30 year old Thai woman take swimming lesson in BKK?

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    ^ Ignore the troll.

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    I was going to say something, but ignoring the troll might work better. Good advice Cthulhu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slim Chance View Post
    I've been surfing at Kata beach quite a few times - its not good surf ( I grew up surfing, next to the beach, in West Australia so I have a pretty good idea of what good surf is) but it can be fun, and for thais it would be considered HUGE. Since coming back to Oz my daughter has become a right water baby and loves to go body surfing and I'll get her on a board soon.
    Yeah thats about the only place i found some but havent search a lot so there maybe more and would be very seasonal.

    Little story for aussies
    My neighbors were the Trigger bros when i was young,
    I use to climb the fence and watch them shape boards.
    It was my mother who possibly sent them on their way to riches
    When shaping boards in their backyard the foam would float over and sit on our washing, my mum complained to them
    so they moved to a factory!

    sorry haven't been much help to the op
    but like anything exposure exposure exposure

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