This new, innovative service has been created as a result of many commision based individuals / agencies posting overpriced properties over several forums.

One property, which was advertised as a 80 Sqm flat minutes from the heart of the capital, turned out to be a 23 Sqm room close to Nakhon Nayok for 34,000 Baht. This was the first property that our hit squad visited, armed with our selection of cats (which gauge the sizes of properties) soon rumbled this vagabond peddling lies to potential clients.

Needless to say, one of our staff eventually took the room for 8,900 Baht a month.

Another, a 'beachside' cottage advertised for 45,000 Baht a month aroused suspicions when it was said to be in Bang Kapi. But there's no beach there! We arrived and didn't even need to swing one of our cats to see that it was not the 67 Sqm advertised but was a converted cardboard shoe box that had a colony of mice residing in it. One of our technicians even took one of the baby mice home for his daughter as a gift!

So why do these cowboys exist? Well, as long as there are the suckers, there will always be these people, so the advice is:

(no pun meant)

If you smell a rat, call us and we'll swing a cat. (all breeds of cat considered)

Find us in the Yellow Pages.