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Thread: Back on a T-Visa after the WP + B-Visa was not converted to a Work Visa

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    I got my Non imm b visa........I have a wife
    A quick fix would be to go for a 2 month "visiting your wife visa"....You need to be legally married/registered....Assuming your wife is Thai.....This should give you enough time to sort out a fresh non-b.

    My 2 year waiver
    How many extensions have you had?....

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    Thanks for the advice all. It hard to be proactive when you're a small school in up country Isaan. The T.C office in Bangkok is full of people with false information passing the buck round and round. My application was sent 3 months ago by recorded delivery. The T.C lost the forms and gave my office and principal the run around for 2 months. apparently if I was on an E.P or at an International school it would be easy to renew my work permit. Because I'm at a 90% funded Government schoo I have to do what everyone else does ie do the course. It would have been nice if they told me that 3 months ago.

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