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Thread: Please help--need office space--suggestions

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    Please help--need office space--suggestions

    Hi everyone, been following this forum for almost 8-9 years not, nice to see what other farangs go through. Anyways, I married a Thai, have 3 beautiful kids, live in the States now, never entered the TEFL scene because of the lack of a degree and I must make more money to take care of my family.

    Bottom line, I run a relatively successful business in the States now. We are here for 2 months this time, but I must go back every 2 weeks to keep my business in tact. However, i can run it quite smoothly if I can find some type of office setting that is already set up.

    I don't care about cost (because the amount I would lose would be more than what I would spend, so I am not make this statement to place myself higher on the ladder), I do work quite hard just as you all do, just a different form of business.

    We have a house in Nonthaburi that we stay at, but I need a secluded place away from the family. I must have the fastest internet Thailand offers, computer and phones are no problem. I just need a copy machine, fax machine, fast internet and quiet.

    If anyone has any ideas or can help me in any way, I would be glad to take you out for a few beers for some advice.

    I am 34 and been visiting Thailand off and on for about 10 years. Now I actually have a relatively successful business in the states, but I don't want to keep flying back and forth every two weeks, it is wearing on me.

    Please Help!
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    Not a recommendation because I've never used them, but great location at Ploenchit Center:

    Smarter Office Choice in Bangkok Thailand | Elite Office

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