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Thread: Sheep's Head Thrown in Pub Attacks

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    Creepy Sheep's Head Thrown in Pub Attacks

    Sheep heads thrown in pub attacks

    Police are investigating after two sheep heads were thrown at pubs in Derby before an FA Cup clash on Friday, it has emerged.
    Two pubs reported incidents of sheep's heads being thrown shortly before Derby County faced Nottingham Forest.
    Derbyshire Police said they were investigating whether the incidents were connected to Derby County's nickname; the Rams.
    The fourth round tie at Pride Park ended in a 1-1 draw.
    The first head was thrown at The Lodge pub in Grange Road, Alvaston, at about 1900 GMT.
    A short time later another head was thrown at the Mitre pub in Allenton.
    A police spokesman said the pubs are about a mile apart and within several miles of Pride Park.
    Investigations are continuing and the spokesman appealed for anyone with information to contact the police.

    BBC NEWS | UK | England | Derbyshire | Sheep heads thrown in pub attacks

    Well it wasn't me! Where were you on Friday Ajarn Naboo?

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    Re: Sheep's Head Thrown in Pub Attacks

    Aren't Derby fans regarded as 'sheepshaggers'? by the scabs..err..Forest. Maybe something to do with that. Although we are also called rude names about acts with white furry animals and have never been thrown sheeps' heads. Saying that, we have plenty already!
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    Re: Sheep's Head Thrown in Pub Attacks

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Pants View Post
    Well it wasn't me! Where were you on Friday Ajarn Naboo?
    I know nothing officer. Sheepshaggers deserved a lot more than this though.

    I think even I remember the day when this wouldn't have made the news. Bloody sheep's heads being thrown at sheep botherers. Surely the Derbyshire Constabulary have got more pressing crimes to investigate, like all the sheep bothering.

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    Re: Sheep's Head Thrown in Pub Attacks

    Awaaay in a manger no crib for a bed,
    The little lord Jesus sat up and he said,
    We 'ate Derby an' we 'ate Derby,
    We 'ate Derby an' we 'ate Derby,
    We 'ate Derby an' we 'ate Derby,
    Sheep sheep sheep shaggerzzz...baaaaaaaaaaa!
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