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West Brom Win 11/1 (11.00) 0 0  
Draw 6/1 (6.00) 1 1000  
Man U Win 1/1 F (1.00) 2 600 WIN!
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Thread: West Brom vs Man U

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    Surely United can't keep playing so badly and getting results? One of two things is going to happen?

    1, Man United start to 'click', and run away with the title, or

    B, They will start losing games (especially if they keep playing like this).

    "The Brazilians aren't as good as they used to be, or as they are now."
    Kenny Dalglish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chili View Post
    Man United start to 'click', and run away with the title
    They have not looked flash in the early part of the season for the past few seasons...but have kept getting points...Ferg has always regarded New Year as the real start...and they are sure well placed here

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