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Thread: Cookie cutter British English teachers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest Guru View Post
    Cookie cutter British English teachers

    I have only been to the UK once, and although it was for a job interview and not for a vacation, it seemed a nice enough place and I had a few nice conversations with some of the people I met there. I also do some academic work for a few of British Universities and usually have my books published in the UK, so I am not completely unfamiliar with British society.

    Nevertheless I do not pretend to be an expert on British culture, but from looking at the results of British elections of the last half century, working with a number of British book publishers and universities, and reading many British authors it is obvious the UK is home to a wide variety of personalities and beliefs.

    However when coming across middle aged British English teachers in Thailand, it almost seems they come out of a cookie cutter mold. I don’t mean physically, but in worldviews and personalities.

    The political and social viewpoints of British English teachers here in Thailand seem to be very consistent. Why is this?

    At least 9 out of every 10 middle aged male British English teachers I have met in Thailand have had at least 9 of the following 10 characteristics

    1. Anti-American
    2. Anti-Christianity (which they feel a need to express frequently)
    3. Working class socialist (or at least far left) in political orientation
    4. Hatred for American slang
    5. Listen to pop/rock music from a different era
    6. Condescending attitude towards Thai and other “non-native speakers”, especially Thai teachers and administrators
    7. A tad anal over grammar rules
    8. Sticklers for classroom rules
    9. Grumpy and complain quite often about working conditions
    10. Pessimistic about the future with low to moderate ambitions

    We see Yank, Canuck, Aussie, and Kiwi teachers of multiple personalities and worldviews. So why the cookie cutter worldview of male middle aged British English teachers in Thailand? Why the lack of variety of thought in Brit English teachers?
    ...you know trolls can make astute observations too.
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    No tomcat I am not talking about anti-clericalism, I mean to doubt the efficacy of indulgences (they are still peddled you know),to query the corporeal presnce in the mass/transubstantiation by calling it wafer worship, or to state (correctly) that the Bible barely mentions Mary.
    That sort of thing.
    OK forget it, sorry I spoke. Just saying like.

    But you have a point, I need to spend more time on here, nice to see a forum without could of and should of coming up all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panhunger View Post
    ...you know trolls can make astute observations too.
    ...isn't that the point of a stereotype: the grain of truth in the steaming pile?
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    Quote Originally Posted by norman byrott View Post
    anti-catholic/anti-papal is considered ill-mannered.
    Anti Islam ... suicidal.

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